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Superkraut Bagels

Superkraut Bagels

Bagel Toppings (starting top left of the image and moving around in a clockwise direction)

  1. Vegan spread, spinach, roasted cherry tomatoes, Vegan feta cheese crumbled and Turmeric & Ginger Superkraut.
  2. Turmeric and coriander spiced hummus and Turmeric & Ginger Superkraut.
  3. Sliced avocado, sliced strawberry and Firekraut.
  4. Vegan cream cheese, sliced cucumber, sliced radish, pomegranate seeds and Supergreens Superkraut.
  5. Mashed avocado, sliced cherry tomatoes and Firekraut.
  6. Vegan cream cheese, rocket leaves, sliced cucumber and Supergreens Superkraut.


6 bagels, each topped with unique toppings, alongside Superkraut

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