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The Story of Good Nude Food

Good Nude Food was founded by Evonne Morrison, whilst she was living in Glasgow and working as a trainee solicitor.

After years of working in the corporate sector and not looking after herself properly, she began suffering from health problems such as eczema, blocked lymph nodes and fatigue.

After being prescribed medication and creams from the doctor, but the problems persisting, she decided to do some of her own research. She found that the cause could be a result of her diet and after speaking to a nutritionist began educating herself on good gut health and the benefits of eating fermented foods. Unable to find fresh, tasty, live sauerkraut she liked eating, she began to make her own.

After discovering there was a gap in the UK for tasty, live sauerkraut, Evonne decided to take the plunge and start building her own food company. Soon after, she fell pregnant with her twins, Savannah and Ronnie! The race was on to get her delicious Superkrauts' from her kitchen table and onto stores shelves. She spent her pregnancy getting her Superkraut range retail ready.

Superkraut launched in April 2018, just in time for the arrival of her twins who were born exactly one week later. Evonne has continued to build her business whilst caring for her infant babies at the same time - not an easy task! She is now working on expanding into the rest of the UK.

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What is Superkraut?

‘Superkraut’ is comprised of three nutritious, natural and delicious live sauerkrauts. In addition to being packed full of naturally occurring friendly bacteria, which is often linked to good gut health, additional superfoods are added for even greater nutritional benefits.

With the experience of her own health issues, it was important to make sauerkrauts that not only taste good, but are really good for you. Superkraut was made due to a need for tasty, nutrient dense and easy to eat sauerkraut. It is a delicious, healthy accompaniment to any meal!