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The Story of Good Nude Food

Hi I'm Evonne, Founder of Good Nude Food. I have been fermenting foods since 2012 and took the leap into starting my own food business in 2017. Not long after I had decided to turn my idea into my new career, I found out I was pregnant with twins! For the duration of my pregnancy, I worked on getting my fermented sauerkrauts retail ready. I launched my Superkraut range one week before my babies were born in April 2018 and have been growing my company ever since. I absolutely love it (both motherhood and being a food entrepreneur), but doing both certainly isn't without its challenges at times.

WHY sauerkraut?

My interest in fermented foods began whilst I was living in New York City. I started suffering from health problems such as eczema, blocked lymph nodes and fatigue. After being prescribed various medication and different creams from the doctor, but the problems persisting, I found that the cause could be a result of my diet. After speaking with a nutritionist I started to educate myself on the importance of good gut health and, in turn, the benefits of eating fermented foods. I would regularly enjoy eating the different varieties of fermented foods on offer, in particular live sauerkraut.

On my return to the UK, I was unable to find fresh, tasty, live sauerkraut that I enjoyed eating, so I began to make my own. At the time, I was looking for a sauerkraut that was crunchier and fresher tasting, one with superfoods added to make it as nutrient dense as possible. I was looking for a tasty, super charged sauerkraut! Before long Superkraut was born.

What is Superkraut?

‘Superkraut’ is comprised of three nutrient dense live, unpasteurised sauerkrauts, that are crunchier and fresher tasting to traditional sauerkrauts. Each ingredient has been chosen with both its taste and health benefits in mind, as I am passionate about creating gut healthy foods. In addition to being packed full of naturally occurring friendly bacteria, which is often linked to good gut health, additional superfoods are added for even greater nutritional benefits.

With the experience of my own health issues, it was important to make sauerkrauts that not only taste good, but are really good for you. Superkraut was made due to a need for tasty, nutrient dense and easy to eat sauerkraut. It is a delicious, healthy accompaniment to any meal! Great tasty vegetables in a jar.  

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