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Epic Rainbow Sandwich with Turmeric & Ginger Superkraut

Epic Rainbow Sandwich with Turmeric & Ginger Superkraut




1. Toast your bread first, if you’d like a nice crisp crust. If you’d like a variety of texture, roast some of your veggies to soften first. Tomatoes and peppers are great for roasting.

2. Spread the pesto evenly on to one side of each slice of bread. Then layer your rainbow veggies on top of the pesto on one slice of bread. Top with a forkful or two of Turmeric & Ginger Superkraut.

3. Close the sandwich with the other slice of bread and serve as desired. With fully loaded sandwiches like this, we like to wrap them in parchment paper to holdall the veggies in place.

4. This EPIC sandwich is made on brown whole grain bread and layered with pesto, spinach, avocado, roasted cherry tomatoes, thinly sliced carrot, shredded red cabbage, roasted yellow pepper and a good helping of Turmeric & Ginger SupekrautLunch has never tasted better!

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